Monday Night Football - Fantasy Preview - Week 6

October 17, 2022

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Some of yall haven’t been letting Russ cook and it shows. We are wrapping up week 6 of the 14 week regular season and the league is starting to take shape. No matter what your current record, championship aspirations are still in play for all. I highly encourage you to take a look under the nearest rock and see what sort of value you might find. Perhaps, it’s Will Fuller, coming back to the league - or maybe Hy drops Saquan in a feverish ACL bender. Whatever the case may be - believe in yourself, because the world is TaylorMade to ensure you fail. With no matchups < 88% certainty heading into MNF, I ask of the football gods. Deliver us chaos tonight - deliver us any sort of reason to continue to numb the harsh burden of existance with this sport and accompanying game of skill that is FF. Help us to remember what is important in life - not being eliminated from playoff contention with FAAB still in hand etc.. and most of all - LET RUSS COOK


(2-3) Denver Broncos @ (3-2) Los Angeles Chargers

  • 8:15 PM EST
  • Line: LAC -4.5


✅ Matt #1 (3-2) v Nick (3-2)

Matt and Nick were teamed up to really make a statement by nearly cumulatively scoring less than Scott this week. In the end, someone had to win this one, and as last second bomb from Maher went wide right, Matt solidified the victory. To add insult to injury, Nick played his optimal lineup in this one, despite getting a total of < 5 points from all his WR on his team combined. Nick was not born in the darkness, but he is certainly now living in it. Matt remains a sleeper cell as he moves to 4-2 with almost all of his FAAB still remaining.

99% Scott (5-0) v Matt #2 (0-5)

Im begging you to stop the violence. League juggernaut Scott “ubermensch” Ringwelski hung a league season high 156 on the winless Matt #2 this week, with his margin of victory ballooning to a league season high projected 71. Poised to solidify his third “OHHHHHH YEA THATS GOOD - Burlap Bandicoot Ida Potato BIGGEST SACK OF THE WEEK” in 6 weeks, only lowley Mike Boone stands in the way. 14 points on the year for the Bronco “desparation flex” but Matt is going to need him to absolutely torch the LAC defense to save face, and salvage some sort of dignity in this one. Matt looks in danger of relegation, but ironically, is likely the happiest league manager IRL.

99% Dan (2-3) v Hy (4-1)

Bolton vs Danforth and this one GOT UGLY. Dan, on his tirade to 500 in the league, depleted Hy of the majority of his mana in this one, as he holds a 36 pt lead heading into MNF with Sutton as Hy “princess leia” Doan’s only hope. Crazier things have happened as again, we have to question Yahoo’s algorithmic certainty. Will Russ cook? Almost certainly not. A loss here would solidify Hy as a midpack marsupial on a 2 game losing streak. Sloth is a sin.

93% Patrick (2-3) v Keith (2-3)

Two try hards (16 and 19 moves respectively) riding losing streaks clashed in this one, and its the honerable companion from down river who currently holds the 51 pt lead going into MNF. Keith will need (S)Herbert lemon and Mike “normal name” Williams to outscore Austin “Bionicle when it was cool” Eckler by 50 to make this one close. The pair has yet to total 50 this year, and Eckler is coming off of 2 back to back 30 pt outings. Keith will look to shake the space time continuum - or at least bounce back next week with the return of his RB core.

93% Alex (4-1) v Skylar (3-2)

Skylar is currently clinging to a 2.1 pt lead with Alex holding the denver kicker Brandon “Fraser” McManus. It is quite likely that Alex will have to watch deep into the game, getting progressively more and more stressed before we see any sort of resolution here in this one. McManus has made at least 1 fg in every game this year - setting the stage for a grand collapse at the hands of chef Russ. We are talking the intial review of Gusteau’s restaurant pre Ratatouille involvement. If Alex holds on, he will move into sole possession of second place in the league, and will be holding the title of least points scored against by a wide margin (one of the most skill based metrics in the sport of FF).

88% Jam (1-4) v Diego (1-4)

San Diego? Try Jam Diego - Instead of moving there, tune in on monday night and see if Denver D can get the LAC a mile high and help Diego spoil Jimmy’s week for the 3rd week straight by scoring over 15 pts. This is our closest matchup of the week, between two 1-4 powerhouses, again challenging matt and nick for least points scored in a matchup this season. But dont be fooled into thinking this was just bad starter selection by management, the combined points of both of these benches was 26 across 9 players legitimately playing in a game this week. Good to see both these teams getting a momentary reprieve after leading the league in points scored against at ~125/game through 5 weeks smh