Monday Night Football - Fantasy Preview - Week 6

October 19, 2020

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Koch Safari League Preview Watch Guide for Tonight

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Similar to an average week for Kim Jong Il, it was a week of records and firsts. With two games remaining to be played tonight, the league has a season record 5 matchups still under 80% certainty decided and another record 19 players still to take the field. Reminds me of the time Kim shot a completely fair and normal 38-under-par 34 back in 2016. With so much still hanging in the balance, tensions have been running red hot in the chat and across league households everywhere. The league saw fantasy numbers generally trend down as the avg projected points hit a season low at ~105pts/team. The double header slate tonight provides two great matchups with a potential AFC championship preview followed by a another fantasy loaded scrap between the Hopkins and the Coyboys.


(4-1) Kansas City Chiefs @ (4-1) Buffalo Bills

  • 5:00 PM EST
  • Line: KC -5.5

(3-2) Arizona Cardinals @ (2-3) Dallas Cowboys

  • 8:15 PM EST
  • Line: DAL -1


✅ Cam (2-3) v Scott (2-3) aka “Scoring points? How about nooooo”

In the one matchup that has been formally decided, we saw a record breaking lack of points being scored on both sides of the ball. With a final score of 66 to 57, both managers were went through all stages of grief while watching their squads yesterday. Scott’s mega 3 starter bet on the packers finally backfired as they failed to produced their normal offensive firepower against the bucs, and Cam’s bold 4 starter bet on the Jets / Giants suffered a similar fate. In the end, Cam admitted to having despaired (mortal sin in the catholic faith fyi) and abandoned support of his team early in the day, but the Packers delivered him a golden goose of a W despite his actions. Look for both of these teams to bounce back next week when their bread winners return to form. PS: Brandin Cooks would like a word with his manager after getting benched for the second straight week despite going for >15 pts

78% Patrick (1-4) v Alex (2-3) aka “EVERYONE’S A WINNER - well not everyone 👉👈”

In a back and forth whirlwind of a weekend, Patrick currently leads Alex by 18 points going into tonight’s games. Alex just needs super spy Damien “Kenyan” Drake to bridge that gap in his bout with the Cowboys. While his guarantees of victory usually bring about the opposite, the kind, gentle, and pragmatic assistant commissioner Robotrippin Gardener is finally poised to secure the bag, a W, and the hearts of the nation with his projected highest scoring week in the league. If Alex were to lose, at 2-4, look for him to throw a major tantrum and potentially liquidate Will Fuller back to his rightful home for pennies on the dollar. If Kenyan scores early, check back in to see if this one is getting interesting.

67% Matt #2 (2-3) vs Keith (3-2) aka “The Bell Jar”

With 5 players still to take the field, the math on this one is barely worth mentioning. That being said, Matt holds a 22 point lead and has Amari Cooper and CEH in the stable. BUT NOT SO FAST, here comes Keith’s Zeke / Gallup / and Butker boys. Le’veon Bell made waves this week as was able to pout loud enough and for long enough to have the honor of getting the boot all the way down to KC. How much KC chooses to use Bell tonight could impact CEH’s workload and the balance of this matchup. Regardless, Keith and Matt are both great guys who will undoubtedly both one day father a healthy family of strapping boys, truly a task much more important and fulfilling than this clown parade of a season and league.

58% Nick (4-1) v Dan (3-2) aka “TOP 3 LIGHT AND FILLING LAGERS TO BUTT CHUG”

8 PLAYERS still to take the field in this one, come on man. Play players on Sunday much? You can visit the wonderful and successful site of if you want to see all the implications on this one but basically, it’s anyone’s ball game as players from all squads face off tonight with implications in this manager matchup. While Dan may be somewhere far out at sea, he is anything but sea-nile as he hopes to tack and cut into first place in this top 3 matchup. Nick is a baddy with a fatty (josh allen’s quads) tho, so STAY WOKE to this one tonight.

52% Diego (1-4) vs Hy (3-2) aka “Texas Diggsaw Massacre”

Diego, a genius and a philosopher, has fought and clawed his way to a slight edge over the big bad cat man from down under in this weeks battle for the pewter spur. It’s basically a dead tie, with the ex loving gardiner’s Mahomes and Diggs vs Kyler Murray and CeeDee Lamb on Hy’s side. Both projected to potentially lead the league in points this week, look for this one to get wild tonight.

51% Jam (3-2) vs Matt #1 (4-1) aka “Club Penguin in Chub Nation”

In the closest matchup of the night, Jam has played all his cards and built a 14 point lead over Matt, but Kelce remains. In the last 5 games, Kelce has gone over 14 twice, under twice, and hit 14 on the dot once. It’s gametime, so this one is short!

TiL Week 6 Fun Facts

  • The Jets are on pace for the worst point differential in NFL history
  • All matchups are projected to finish within 10 points this week, for the first time, so this week’s BUILT FORD TOUGH - OUCHY OUCHY POWER THRASH is totally up for GRABS!