Monday Night Football - Fantasy Preview - Week 2

September 21, 2020

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League Announcements

We have instituted a new rule regarding the biggest blowout where the team that won, is able to change the opposing team’s name for the entirety of the upcoming week. For this upcoming week, that means Keith will be able to change Diego’s and Nick will be able to change Alex’s. Please forward your change to Nick anytime after completion of the MNF game. There is a 20 character max enforced and no profound vulgarity.


It was a whacky and wild week of injuries across the league as most squads saw some sort of impact to their teams. Some things played out as expected though, as the Lions saw the Packers double their score at Lambeau. Heading into MNF, we have 3 of 6 matchups still with ranging uncertainty and an inevitably memorable Waver Wire Wednesday (WWW) upcoming.


(1-0) New Orleans Saints @ (1-0) Las Vegas Raiders

  • 8:15 PM EST
  • Line: NO -4


✅ Nick (1-0) v Alex (1-0) aka “Moaning and Gnashing of TEEF”

Alex spent week 2 putting a league low 78 points on the board thanks to a goose egg from league darling Will Fuller and underwhelming performances across his lineup. He shouldn’t beat himself up too badly though as playing an optimal lineup would have only netted his soon to be renamed squad 105 points, no match for the 143 point onslaught from Nick’s Too Many Cooks. The 65 point paddling seems primed to be this weeks BUILT FORD TOUGH - OUCHY OUCHY POWER THRASH of the week. Nick also solidified himself as the overall league highest point earner to date.

99% Matt #1 (1-0) v Hy (1-0) aka “They don’t call him Matt #1 for nothing”

Matt ballooned out to a 44 point lead over Hy thanks to mega performances from Russell Wilson and team namesake Nick Chubb as Hy’s strong performers were not enough to cover lackluster efforts from his RBs. His fatal flaw was not starting Leonard Fournette (went for 26pts on the bench) over Pat’s Sony Michel (1.9 pts) - investigation still ongoing as to why. Not all hope is lost though, as Hy holds out for Saint’s Jared Cook to go for glory and > 44 pts tonight.

98% Patrick (0-1) vs Diego (0-1) aka “The serfs will toil whilst the kings fornicate in the gardens”

In one of this week toilet bowl matchups, the honorable robbotrippin gardener suffered another week of famine from his bellcow and #1 pick Saquan Barkley as he registered 16 pts under his projection and popped his ACL in the process. Look for Patrick to harbor his trust issues for life. On the other side, Diego suffered a disappearing act from his WR1 Julio Jones recording only 3.4 pts. The score here currently sits at Robo-96, Diego-95.6 with only Robo’s Lutz still to take the field tonight to solidify the victory for the handsome herbologist. Diego will move to 0-2 as he prepares for battle against the Chubbster in week 3.

89% Jimmy (0-1) v Matt #2 (0-1) aka “I’m not wearing hockey pads (starting a WR2)”

Jam began week 2 flexing by starting confirmed scratch AJ Brown at the WR2 spot and was still able to gallop out to a 30 point lead by strong performances from Christian McCaffery and Matt Ryan. Matt has been having great showing across WR1,2 RB1,2 but received a combined 9 points from his TE/Flex/D/K combined. He will need Drew Brees to lift off tonight for >30 points to close the gap and ascend into Valhalla. Look for the translucent tears of Jam shimmering under the surface of your local waterways this week as the #1 overall pick is projected to spend a couple of weeks recovering from a high ankle sprain.

68% Keith (1-0) vs Cam (0-1) aka “Killa Cam vs FaZe Clan Keith”

In the matchup with the most starters still to take the field, Keith currently holds a 33 point lead over Cam heading into tonight. On the Elevator side, Cam has Kamara and Emmanuel Sanders lining up for MNF while Keith is still awaiting the score from the NO defense. Assuming tonight is a wild one, things could get interesting here. If Cam loses, look for him to try even harder next week to not lose again.

54% Dan (1-0) vs Scott (0-1) aka “Big Tuna vs Mahi Mahi”

It’s a 3 point game! Scott holds a slight edge over the commendable squad from Last Chance U (suck) heading into MNF. On Dan’s side: big bad JOSH JACOBS. On Scott’s side: hard knock’s starchild DARREN WALLER. It could go either way as the two potentially highest scoring teams duke it out tonight. Rumor has it that regardless of outcome, Dan may go the route of Andy from the office after this one, and take to sailing the seas as an escape from the rat race that is fantasy football.

TiL Week 2 Fun Facts

  • All of the combined league entry fee pot has already been spent on DoorDash!
  • The Lions and Browns have both lost to a team of all college players before in the Chicago College All-Star Game. Thank you Scott’s Not Bad Team for the find