Monday Night Football - Fantasy Preview - Week 11

November 23, 2020

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As we approach a critical home stretch week for playoff positioning, we have 4 matchups sitting at >= 95% confidence decided heading into tonight’s game. In a battle of league elites, the monday night spotlight will primarily be on Antonio Brown and Chris Godwin, as those two players determine the fate of our league’s two closest matchups. Fill up your salad bowl of cranberry sauce and saddle up for this weeks MNFP “Thanksgiving” edition. By the way, fellow TCSF graduates generally are used to seeing the Gladiators playing this upcoming weekend in the MHSAA finals at Ford Field. Turns out, the glads are still alive and the tourney is being delayed. TC West (Scott) went 6-3 and lost to Grandville in the playoffs, East Kentwood (Hy) finished 2-4 and LMC (Nick) went 0-3 / potentially did not even field a team.


(6-3) Los Angeles Rams @ (7-3) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  • 8:15 PM EST
  • Line: TB -4.5


99% Alex (6-4) v Diego (3-7) aka “It’s clobberin time”

Diego still has a chance here but hes currently down by 87 heading into MNF with only Robert Woods, Darrell Henderson Jr, and the LA Defense to play. Alex absolutely dominated this one rushing out to score 147 pts behind a balanced attack from (s)herbert, keenan, and davante - all but guaranteeing himself as the punisher in this week’s BUILT FORD TOUGH - OUCHY OUCHY POWER THRASH. This is thrash #3 for Diego this season tieing Keith and the Combine Prep Squad for most thrashings so far.

99% Nick (8-2) v Matt #2 (4-6) aka “Nick needs to be drug tested”

League leader and commish locked up his playoff spot last week and now continues to build toward a guaranteed bye week with this week’s win over Matt “bestest mensch” #2. Leading by 6 with all Matt’s player’s already disposed, it’s gluttony time for RoJo and the TB Defense tonight. Of course the one week he has to sit Josh Allen, Kirk “Dirk” Cousins steps up and goes for 23. Nick using a healthy share of his pixie dust luck in the regular season however, setting up an epic fall in the coming weeks.

99% Scott (3-7) v Patrick (3-7) aka “Scott Totty and the blues cruise”

The omnipotent and divine big suck started this week off on a questionable foot liquidating his healthy star WR Julio Jones for soon returning Joe Mixon. The next day, Mixon was added to IR and is now projected to return week 14 or later. On the other side, Julio Jones suffered a hamstring injury starting for Jam so it appears to be a fair trade all around. Scott went for a respectable 110 points in this one behind strong efforts from the Packers, Waller and Michael Thomas. Patrick followed Scott’s lead from last week as he played the anti lineup, and made all but one of the wrong calls on his starters. Look for Gronk to go for > 30 to tip the scales in this one - a feat he has accomplished only once in his career - a 9 catch, 149 yd, 3 TD, 37 pt effort in 2014 against da bears.

95% Keith (4-6) vs Hy (6-4) aka “Don’t walk down that CeeDee alley”

Keith is sitting on a 32 pt lead with Tyler Higbee still to take the field, but Hy still has Leonard Fournette and the TB Kicker. Things started to go downhill for Snuckles Knuckles and the Doan Moan once JuJu injured himself stepping on a flag in his 3.9 pt affair. If Keith can walk away from this one, despite benching league overall 3rd pick Zeke as he went for 18 pts, he or Cam will be best positioned to contest the current top 6 for a potential playoff spot.

81% Matt #1 (8-2) vs Dan (5-5) aka “ABs get degrees”

In a back and forth matchup, Dan holds onto a narrow lead of 1 pt heading into MNF, with Matt still to play Antonio “nice normal guy” Brown. Brown has seen his target share grow from 5 to 8 and his output from 4.6 to 10.10 pts over his first two starts so the odds are not good for the Last Chance U (suck) brigade in this one. If Dan were to fall to 5-6, he would still hold the tiebreak over potential tied managers Keith and Cam by ~ 30 pts. The Joe Burrow torn ACL really proved to be the difference in this one as Matt continues to do the bare minimum to continue winning and pursuing that elusive first round playoff bye.

57% Jam (6-4) aka Cam (4-6) “Welcome to the Rhyme Dome”

We talked to Jam’s mom, and it turns out, hes always loved biting his supple little nails. As per tradition at this point, Jam heads into MNF with this week’s closest matchup locked in a close one with Cam, up 15 with TB’s #1 receiving option laying in wait for the Kamerican Dream. Godwin has only breached 15 once this season but has come close a couple other times. A win here would be massive for Cam’s playoff dreams and really start to make Jam experience night terrors. Best of luck to both squads and remember to eat your yams lest jam and cam cram them down your gullet.

TiL Week 11 Fun Fact

  • This latest Lion’s loss was the first time Stafford has been shut out in his 159 starts.