Introducing - The 2021 Ay Bay Bay Gran Fondo

March 1, 2021

Saturday, April 17th. 110 Miles. 4000 Ft Elevation. Around the bay via Dumbarton/Richmond/Golden Gate Bridges

On April 17th, join a carefully selected small delegation of amateur riders and gentlemen to complete a bike ride around the majority of the San Francisco bay. This experience will be a tasteful blend of endurance and pleasure and will feature several supported food and water stops along the way (courtesy of our girlfriends). The primary goal of this ride will be to complete the route at a sustainable group pace while appreciating the bay area along the way.

Ride Details

Strava Route Strava Route

  • Start: Sunrise 6:30AM @ Ocean Beach
  • Projected End: 5PM @ Ocean Beach (Sunset is 7:30 PM)
  • Included a couple hours of slack for mechanicals, rest, stretching, food, emotional break downs
  • Usage of aero bars are allowed when riding on the front
  • Specific route subject to change pending feedback on local sections


  • April fools


  • Text Patrick @ 2314099896 to confirm your spot